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I am the daughter to refugees and immigrants. Hopefully, that will give you an idea of what I believe in.

In the 1970s, both my parents courageously escaped their war-torn home country of Cambodia to the refugee camps along the Thailand border. Neither my mother or father knew each other at that moment in time. My mother traversed the violent land with her cousins, 2 daughters (my 2 eldest sisters) and aunt. Meanwhile, my father traveled by himself. To this day, my father is still somewhat of a loner.

Both lost loved ones along the way. My mother recalls her cousin tightly holding one of my sisters, as they ran through the jungle amidst the relentless spray of communist soldiers' bullets. Somehow, they survived together. See, love is powerful thing. It fuels hope and courage.

Both my parents were sponsored to the United States by the same organization. They met one another through that organization and eventually, got married. Then, voilà! I came along on a stormy, thunderous summer night in 1985. (That's how my mom has told the story, anyway. haha) I spent the very early years of my life living with not only my parents & siblings, but also in a multi-generational household with my grandparents, cousins, uncles, and aunt.

My parents' (and sisters') harrowing journey for life and peace has informed my experiences throughout my own life, along with my work. Because of them, I had the immense privilege of being able to study art and science. I have spent most of my time serving as a Registered Nurse, specifically focusing on marginalized communities, health equity and social justice for ALL people. After all, it's the least we can do in this world: help each other & fight for one another.

This is where the Love Machine comes in. The name almost (haha) sounds as good as an unreleased, would-be sexy Stones song. Gyrating hips, funky dancing, underwear, bed head, kisses, secret handshakes and all nose-picking children are all welcome in front of my lens! The Love Machine is about putting love out there to counteract the not-so-good things in our world. Love in its many forms: multi-generational households, stories of growing, surviving, thriving. I seek to capture the beauty of life in all its diversity, especially those fleeting moments--not just the milestone ones--which are incredibly exciting in their own right, for both their calm and electrifying subtlety. If anything, I want you to remember how the sun felt on your skin that day or what it felt like as your loved one held you. I seek to meet you where you are, emotionally and mentally, whether it is during your wedding, giving birth to new life or taking time to celebrate your own unique, meaningful existence. I want to be there with you. :)

Let these photos be your time machine to that moment, that feeling.