Let's document your story.

The Love Machine. The name almost sounds as good as an unreleased, would-be sexy Stones song. Gyrating hips, underwear, bed head, kisses, secret handshakes and nose-picking children are all welcome in front of Julie's lens. The Love Machine is about putting love out there to counteract the not-so-good things in our world. Love in its many forms: multi-generational households, stories of growing, surviving, thriving. Julie seeks to capture the beauty of life in all its diversity, especially those fleeting moments--not just the milestone ones--which are incredibly exciting in their own right, either for their calm or electrifying subtlety. If anything, she wants you to remember how the sun felt on your skin that day or your grandmother's hands, what it felt like as she held you. She seeks to meet you where you are, emotionally and mentally, whether it is during your wedding, giving birth to new life or taking time to celebrate your own unique, meaningful existence. She wants to be there.

Let these photos be your time machine to that moment, that feeling.